Motivate Your Employees by Giving the Best Corporate Retirement Gifts

When it comes to giving corporate retirement gifts did you realise that their purpose is two-fold? Not only is it seen as a way to honor an employee who is about to retire. It is also a way of letting other employees know how much they are valued. Handle the retirement gift giving process correctly, and it will motivate employees to stick around. There are a few questions worth asking yourself if you’re looking for the best corporate retirement gift ideas.

  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • Can the retirement gift be catered to individual employees?
  • Are you happy to stick with tradition or would you prefer something unique?

Deciding on a budget for your corporate retirement gifts
Determining the budget for corporate retirement presents can be difficult. Especially if you aren’t sure what’s available. Now you’ve found your way to our site you shouldn’t worry, because our sole aim is to help with ideas. Once you’ve perused some of the options you will be in a better position to decide on a budget. A more extravagant gift will be preferable for a long-standing employee, so you can’t use the one price suits all approach.

The top corporate retirement gifts are tailored
Gifts should be tailored to individual employees, and even if you’ve got a big budget it doesn’t mean that everyone should receive an expensive plaque. The individual retiree should feel that your gift treasures them as an individual. It might help if you relate your gift to the job they performed, the number of years service, or their personality.

Traditional or unusual – Your choice
The most traditional corporate gift of all time is the ubiquitous gold watch. This might be suitable for some retiring employees, but is possibly going to be considered unoriginal by many others. If you want to pick more creative gifts it is going to require some effort. But, it’ll be worth it. Not just to see the smile on the retiree’s face, but to boost the company morale overall.

If you’re worried about making a big mistake with your corporate retirement gift then why not spend a few minutes reading the following article:

The article includes some retirement gift horror stories, and some interesting facts and figures.

Time to offer up a few of our favorite corporate retirement gift ideas.

Five of the best corporate retirement gift ideas

corporate world giftsWhen there is a member of your team, or an employee retiring, especially if its after working for or with you for many years, it’s important to mark the occasion and recognize their commitment and hard work. A retirement party is a common choice, or a formal dinner party or reception. A way to add to the special nature of the event is by giving the retiree a gift. We’ve already got you thinking in the right direction, so let’s whet your appetite with our top five corporate retirement gift ideas.

    • Personalized jewelry and accessories – There are a number of websites that offer personalized jewelry and accessories. Pendants, watches, bracelets, earrings, wallets, rings, pens, and cufflinks to name just a few. If you have workers retiring on a regular basis this is a possible option.
    • Gift card – Possibly not considered to be the most imaginative corporate retirement present, but still one worth considering. Find out if the retiree has a favorite store or a specialty store they love to visit. We think that a gift card is the most practical option if you’re not sure about the individual’s taste.
    • A gift that relates to their interests – The most intimate and personal route to take when looking for the best corporate retirement gifts is to pick a gift that relates to the retiree’s most important hobby or personal interest. It will show them that you understand there will be more time to pursue their favorite activity. If they are a golfer why not gift some golfing accessories? Or an annual membership to a top golf course? Luggage will be a good gift for the retiree who is planning more travel. If you’re unsure of the retiree’s hobbies ask friends, colleagues, or family members.
    • A keepsake – You can show your respect for the person retiring by giving them a scrapbook, collage, or photo album, that chronicles their working history. If the employee has enjoyed the time working at your business, but is feeling uncertain about the future this will be a very appropriate gift.
    • Donation to a favorite charity – This is an alternative that’s becoming very popular as a corporate retirement gift. Find a cause or charity that the employee supports and make a donation in their name. When a person reaches retirement there may be very little they actually need or want, so this is a thoughtful alternative.

With a few ideas in the bag it’s time to answer the question “When is the best time to present a corporate retirement gift?”

beautiful platinum rose

Is there an optimum time to present a corporate retirement gift?

If there is a retirement party being organized this will be the best time to give the retiree a corporate retirement gift. Presenting an employee with a retirement gift is a good way to express gratitude for their years of service. A gift that has been personalized with an engraving will be a fitting keepsake that will be treasured for years. And as well as showing the person leaving that you appreciate all their hard work, it will also make an impression on those still left in your employ. As well as the gift being important, it is also vital to present the gift in the correct way. Giving a gift with dignity and honor will show how much the company cares.

Organizing a retirement party or dinner will provide you with the perfect opportunity to present your chosen corporate retirement present. Invite as many members of staff as appropriate and invite the retiree’s family and friends. After the dinner, or before the serious partying gets under way the bigwigs of the company should stand up and say a few congratulatory words.

Corporate retirement presents can take many forms for example a clock, crystal decanter and glasses, plaque, engraved team photo and frame, new set of golf clubs, or gold dipped poker cards. There are plenty of online gift stores, as well as ours here at, and most gifts can be personalized to make them even more special.

‘Times are a changin’ and the world of gift giving is constantly changing too. Gold watches were once given as retirement gifts but have fallen out of popularity. Not just because watches have become less popular gifts, but because employees don’t stick with one company for as long as they used to.

Let’s not forget the basic principles of giving gifts

retirement gifts - corporate ideasWhether the gift is to mark a retirement or to reward an employee’s long service bear in mind that the sentiment behind the gift will often be more meaningful than the gift itself. The gift should back up the sentiment, not the other way round.

Adding a personal touch is very important, and this can be done with a touch of personalisation, branding, and by presenting the gift yourself. Another way of making a gift personal, is by spending some time thinking about who the retiree is as a person, and find out about their tastes.

Make sure your gift is something that won’t break a couple of months down the line. This gift isn’t the kind that will instill a lasting impression of your company.

Spend as much as you can afford, but match it with how much you think they deserve. Your corporate retirement present should leave the retiree feeling appreciated, and show other employees how great you are to work for. Word of a bad corporate retirement gift will spread like wildfire, but with our help we’re sure that won’t happen to you.